Monday, October 14, 2013

Caramel, chocolate, riding boots–some of my very favorite things are brown, and so is this week's inspiration!

After a challenging week, John and I bundled up for dinner with our Friday night date; the chilly weather was perfect for spicy curries, brut rosé and after-dinner affogatos at the gelato shop across the street. We pulled out the flannel pjs and crawled into bed early, delighted to have made it to the weekend!

We were up early on Saturday morning, and I had a special breakfast request–tacos! John headed to our favorite grocery store to pick up avocados and tortillas while I roasted potatoes and brewed coffee, and after breakfast, we settled in with our to-do lists and post-its for a productive morning. After a few hours of work, we put on our scarves and sunglasses for a stroll, and brought our trusty to-do list with us. After a second trip to Andronico's and a Boat & Tote full of goodies, we headed home and curled up for the most decadent thing of all–an afternoon nap! We decided to try our culinary mettle with sweet potato gnocchi, and while the yams roasted, we both squeezed in a bit more work. Then I took over chopping while John kneaded and rolled, and though they weren't perfect, the gnocchis were delicious with a rosemary-tomato sauce and a glass of Cabernet. 

John was up early on Sunday morning; the bed was covered in Schubert scores, but at least I got to curl up to my guy for a bit longer than usual! He was off to work before my morning tea, and I had a simple breakfast while I perused my favorite blogs and New York Times features. I pulled out my to-do list and checked off editorial planning (including some holiday goodies I'm so excited to share...), exercise and housekeeping, along with vocabulary practice and a phone call with my Mama. While John and my baby brother both headed to the house, I cooked up a spicy roasted corn chowder and the three of us got a chance to catch up after a few too many weeks.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Firming up your holiday plans, carving pumpkins or catching up with family, perhaps? 

Image by Jose Villa, caramel glazed carrot cake by the Scootabaker.


  1. I pinned a very similar cake the other day :-) Have a great week, Lena~

    always, koru kate

  2. Ohh sweet potato gnocchi, I've been dying to try the same! And those breakfast tacos sound amazing... what a lovely weekend as always. :)

    And that cake -- I want to reach through the screen and take a bite!

  3. Ah it sounds like a truly lovely weekend Lena! So sad it's already Monday!

  4. I got to catch up with my baby brother this weekend too. :)

  5. I love the look of this cake...looks so Fallish and cozy!

  6. Another great weekend and see ;) xo

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend and I adore that cake!

  8. I love reading about your weekends! Sounds like you had a lovely, productive couple of days.

  9. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for naked layer cakes. They are a southern mountain tradition called stack cake :-)



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