Monday, September 30, 2013

Who says petal pink can't be perfectly pretty in early fall? This week I'm excited to show off an unexpectedly color palette that works beautifully against the reds and oranges of autumn! 

We were joined in our traditional Friday night dinner (which even Frank Bruni praised in this recent NYTimes article) by our regular companion's Mom; with her sharp wit and affinity for Indian food, she makes an excellent dining companion. It was a fairly early night, and John and I were delighted to find our heads hitting the pillows before 11pm. 

With such an early bedtime, regular readers would imagine that my guy would be up at the crack of dawn–but I woke us both up a bit later than usual! We roasted Russian Bananas and poached two eggs, which were perfect over slices of French bread with avocado, and after a second pot of French press coffee and an episode of Frasier, John was out the door and headed to work. I spent the day reading a nearly indecipherable book on ballet history, pouring over lovely weddings and running a few errands. I stayed in the neighborhood so I could stroll through Golden Gate Park while I stopped at the bank and filled our monogrammed grocery totes with goodies at Andronico's, then headed home for a late afternoon of Handel research and Ted Talks. For supper we had a simple salad with roasted corn and avocados, and a curried butternut squash soup, which we enjoyed along with Silver Linings Playbook–just a year behind on most movies and tv shows!

Exhausted, we both slept in on Sunday morning and hustled to our favorite coffee shop, only to find it completely full. We took our to-go cups and empanadas to a shady lawn in Golden Gate Park for a picnic, then walked home for a few lazy hours curled up together. Eventually we got to work–me with editorial calendars and history books, and John with the Windex and Schubert songs. We ordered a Mediterranean feast before I settled in for a long yoga practice, and after an early supper, caught up with John's younger brother (and started making holiday plans!). We settled into bed before 9 with an episode or two of Newsroom–my favorite way to start a new week! 

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Did you catch the finale of Breaking Bad, pick up a pumpkin spice latte or treat yourself to Sunday brunch?


  1. An afternoon of TED Talks sounds divine!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous!

    I worked all weekend, bleh!

  3. Russian bananas?!!! That sounds fancy! Love Frasier, too!

  4. Your weekend sounds perfect!
    Mine was not as relaxing; I'll just leave it at that.
    Here's to a good week.

  5. Happy Monday love and I'll be in your town very soon! Woo hoo! XO

  6. After reading this...I am suddenly craving Indian food.

  7. what are russian bananas?!

    i hope you liked silver linings playbook! we saw that last year on new years eve and h (who is a psychiatrist) said everything was really believable... so i guess the oscar nominations/wins were well-deserved! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Love that you just mentioned Breaking Bad. I'm such a fan and so sad it's over! I'm going as a bag of blue crystal meth for Halloween and I kid you not I thought about doing a Breaking Bad themed wedding inspiration board.

    Talked myself out of it when I realized how totally inappropriate that would be ;-)

  9. Have you read about the recent controversy surrounding TED talks? Apparently certain topics are now off limits, one of which is GMO's. I was disappointed to hear it, but I've not read into it for myself. I need to do that.

    My weekend was spent studying. No fun, but I think I at least passed both of my tests I've taken this week, so there's that!

    I just love your indian food friday nite tradition. We eat at the cafe in Central Market every firday nite, and I've come to find comfort in the routine itself. :)

  10. Every little detail is always divine!



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