Monday, August 12, 2013

John surprised me at the office on Friday afternoon, but it took the trip home and an extra hour or so before I could finally put down my laptop and relax. After curling up for a bit, we packed a Boat & Tote with homebrewed beer and headed to our Friday night haunt for dinner. One of our favorite friends and John's partner in all things boozy joined us, and after many dishes and plenty of bottles, we strolled across the street to Holy Gelato for some burnt espresso and sweets. By the time we made it home my shoes were killing me, so John swept me off my feet and carried me upstairs–it's making me blush just thinking of how chivalrous he was! 

I woke up with a start very early Saturday morning and no amount of snuggling could put either of us back to sleep. John laced up his sneakers and went for a run while I curled up with a good book under the covers. We pulled on sweaters and bee-lined to Hollow for coffee and empanadas; after getting caffeinated, we popped into their beautiful home goods shop next door and grabbed weekend essentials (Perrier, brown eggs and La Brea baguettes) from Andronico's before heading home where our 'hood was already filling with Outside Landers. John headed to St George after a little afternoon nap and I tackled my to do list: housekeeping, a mani-pedi and plenty of blogging. John and our best boozy pal joined us for a late night of brewing and beer drinking, and we didn't make it into bed until the wee hours. 

We slept in on Sunday morning, and while John continued to clean up the mess from the night before and cook breakfast, I happily read The New York Times and scrolled through my emails. We gobbled down poached eggs on avocado toast with roasted new potatoes and settled in for a snuggly afternoon filled with episodes of The West Wing and his & hers caffeine. We did eventually get to practical things like math practice and bathtub scrubbing, but those few lazy hours were my favorite of the weekend. By the time 5pm rolled around, we were seriously discussing dinner; I did yoga while John chopped and sautéed, then I stirred and simmered while he went for a run. We sat down to a supper of curried chickpeas in tomato sauce over basmati rice, and after we both caught up with our families, we called it a night while concert-goers were still flooding the streets. 

Tell me, what was your favorite hour of the weekend? Maybe a dishy dinner with girlfriends, or a quiet moment alone with a good book?


  1. Your weekends always make me jealous :)

    But we did do something exciting this week!

    We put an offer on a bigger house - fingers crossed we get it!

    It's one of those short sales - so we'll see! Might be in for a bit of a wait!

    But it's a craftsman style (my favorite) and has the extra room we need with 3 kiddos 3 and under ;)

  2. I agree with Chrissy! Always jealous of your lovely weekends. I'll live vicariously through you!

  3. I love that you always manage to fit in a lot of activity and plenty of rest in your weekends! We spent the day on the lake yesterday and it was great.

  4. OK I seriously want to spend a weekend with you two.. sounds so nice :) I have to say I love the first moments of waking up on a Saturday and knowing we have 2 whole days to do whatever we want. Such a great feeling.

  5. Such perfection. :) I was excited to spend a little time by the pool this weekend, since we were expecting rain!

  6. Oooh, I've been on a grapefruit kick as well (in part because I'm getting bikini ready for our annual surf trip). I'll have to make a booze acception for this cocktail. I mean, it's healthy enough, right?

  7. You know exactly what I did this weekend and it was hot. Not glamourous as it can be here in SD. However, I saw David's family as well as mine...and my besties {ok not you but some! So glad you had a great weekend. Can't wait until we share a weekend when I come up with you. Happy Monday love! XO

  8. Sounds positively lovely. We enjoyed a farm visit with one of our incredible couples, complete with nibbling on carrots fresh from the ground and petting goats...

  9. Your weekend sounds SO perfect. My favorite is definitely my Sunday swim ;-)



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