Monday, July 15, 2013

     After a long week and a shooting near our office Friday afternoon, I wasn't game for anything except a quiet evening in with my favorite guy–and Indian (comfort) food, of course! I thought dinner was delicious, but less than a block into our after-supper stroll, John booked it back home–and spent the better part of the evening sick, poor guy! Eventually he rallied enough to sip some Gatorade, but forget about an evening ice cream or a late-night movie!

We were up early on Saturday morning, and while John nibbled on Saltines and sipped ginger ale, I poached an egg destined for a slice of toast topped with avocado. We took it easy that morning before John went to work; while he was away, I cleaned house, caught up with some of my favorite blogs and reacquainted myself with cosine and the area of right triangles–hello, GRE prep! After a simple supper of three-garlic pasta (and a glass of white wine for me), we curled up in our pjs for an evening on snuggling and The West Wing.

John thanked me for nursing him with a beautiful breakfast on Sunday morning–scrambled eggs with corn tortillas, roasted potatoes, guacamole and plenty of salsa, all ready before I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. The gray day was perfect for sipping our morning beverages–French press coffee for him and English breakfast tea for me–before John left for another shift at St. George's tasting room. I filled my free afternoon with blogging, vocabulary quizzes and even some yoga before John got home. We made a quick run to the grocery store for supplies, then teamed up to make French potato salad–paired with roasted chicken and a glass of Côtes de Rhône, it was the perfect Sunday supper. We bundled up for an evening walk in the park before turning in early–we've both got big weeks ahead!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend, and what's on the agenda for this week?

Bouquet by Pat's Floral Design, image by Joey and Jessica.


  1. Oh Darling, I love this post. I'm chuckling at the fact that you can make food poisoning sound romantic and like an occasion for gastronomical delights. Yours is one of my all time favorite blogs!

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  3. Sorry John was sick, but glad he's better and that you helped nurse him back to health. A poached egg sounds marvelous right now!

  4. Sorry John was feeling sick. Ugh, that's the worst! I love hearing about your yummy meals :)

    Have a great week!

    The Perfect Palette

  5. What a bummer about John feeling sick. I hope he's good now!

  6. Aww, poor John! Hope he's feeling better, and good luck with your big weeks. :)

  7. Poor John! But the rest of your weekend sounds just wonderful :) Hope this week is going well so far!

  8. Perfect bouquet!!!... I'm trying to eat healthy now... and make some kind of diet... i can't read your weekend recap posts... they always sound so yummy!!!!!



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