Monday, April 1, 2013

After a full day of work on Friday (I even forgot to eat lunch!), I tidied up my desk and collected my favorite dinner date. We picked up our favorite Indian lager and headed straight to Masala for an early supper that we'd finished even before the sun went down! We curled up with a Law & Order: SVU and a few episodes of Frasier and were sound asleep before 10–it had been a very big week!

John was up just after dawn on Saturday morning, but I didn't stir until breakfast was nearly ready–he'd roasted potatoes with onions and garlic, poached a few eggs and made avocado toasts after a run, errands and a cup of coffee! After breakfast I set the timer for a practice session and dug into my own work; once the alarm sounded, we crawled back into bed intending to snuggle with an episode or two of something but ended up taking a decadent nap! Best of all, it was still early and so we both got back to work before making a trip across the Bay Bridge for a little "antiquing". Urban Ore wasn't quite what I'd hoped, but I'm planning a trip to the Alameada Antiques Faire next Sunday and keeping my fingers crossed that the coffee table of my dreams presents itself! We managed to get inside just before it started to rain, and after a Campari and soda, we shared a big bowl of pesto topped with John's favorite Campari tomatoes. We watched a documentary of Balanchine ballerinas called Dancing for Mr. B that was so fascinating that I actually took notes, and fell asleep with rain pitter-pattering against the bedroom window.

Instead of slipping out of bed, John woke me up early on Sunday morning in spite of my pleading for a few more minutes. We baked croissants and made soft boiled eggs, and after our simple breakfast dedicated ourselves to our projects–me at the computer with writing samples and wedding photos, and John at the guitar. Eventually I pulled my hair into a ponytail and rolled out my yoga mat–I knew we had a big dinner on the horizon and wanted to be prepared! We both got cleaned up and headed over to our friend's place with a favorite bottle of wine, and proceeded to spend the evening eating (pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans), drinking (white, red and all sorts of booze) and chatting. John picked up 2 liters of coconut water on the way home, and just after he hopped back into a car it started pouring. At that moment, I felt incredibly lucky–even though I knew that I probably wouldn't feel so blessed the next morning!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Did you celebrate with family and friends, soak up a little sunshine or simply count your blessings?

Image by Jen Huang, Styling by Poppies & Posies.


  1. Can John open a restaurant? The breakfasts he whips up always sound so delicious!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. Mine included lots of quality time with my husband & our families- one of the best kinds of weekends!

    always, koru kate

  3. Sounds wonderful. We enjoyed with family and soaked up the sun in our garden. We even spied a few peony plants popping up!

    PS - we have a cocktail we created and thought you'd enjoy. It's with grapefruit and Limoncello:

  4. Such a lovely way of describing your weekend. My guy woke up and made breakfast on Saturday too. Always impressed by a man that knows how to cook!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  5. Ah it sounds perfect. Nothing like a relaxing holiday weekend!

  6. Sounds perfect! Your Monday posts always make me so hungry. :)

  7. I love your weekend, Lena! This weekend was pretty low key with a trip to our local mom and pop breakfast spot for Easter. Delicious...and then home to snuggle on the couch! XO

  8. Ha! I love Gloria's comment up there (and totally agree with it).

    I used to watch Frasier reruns before bed all the time. Even though I loved that show and thought it was hysterical, for some reason, it always helped put me to sleep.



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