A Shower of Love for Steph!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss Steph is getting hitched this week, and we decided to shower her with some of our very best advice for a happy marriage! Sending her all my love this week, and anxious to see photos of what will surely be a gorgeous wedding!

To join the other lovely ladies (and some of my favorite bloggers) who are celebrating Steph's upcoming nuptials, visit:

Erin from Sparkle & Hay
Alicia from The Charity Wedding
Claire from A Realistic Wedding
Magalie from the Demoiselle
Naomi from Enchanted Dream Weddings
Christina from Postcards & Pretties
Kim from Bride Goggles
Kristi from Luna & Chloe
Aleah & Nick from Valley & Co.
Jacin from Lovely Little Details
Lauren from Every Last Detail
Abby from Life in the Superburbs
Gaby from Cap Classique
Sofia & André from Brancoprata
Kate from Ruby & Willow/Magnolia Rouge
Tami from Fabulously Wed


  1. Sounds like a lovely time! Checking out their blogs now.

    And thanks for your help! I would be looking for a classic peep toe. (Lynnie still working on silhouettes/colors.) Mostly I am looking for something that gives that send of awe like the shoes you pick -- but for a lower price. xo style, she wrote

  2. aw how fun! i love this idea ;) going to check out a few of the other blogs now! xoxo jcd

  3. Awww your blog remains as adorable as ever...!

    ...and my best wishes to the new bride-to-be! I'm sure she will have a lovely day Ó u Ò

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  4. such a cool idea. i know nothing about marriage. LOL

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  5. Wow I LOVE this! :)
    It really is a shower of advice! I like the 'make time for each other every day' it's so easy to drift apart with different careers and hours and schedules these days! Even eating breakfast together would a lovely addition to the day!


  6. how sweet! i love the blogging community so much :)

  7. Came across your wonderful blog via the "virtual shower" you posted for your dear friend. So sweet of all of you...and now I'll definitely be visiting often!

  8. Hidarling!!This is soooo funny!!! I go and visit the other ladies...
    You're great!

  9. This sounds more than perfect! I´ll have a look right now! kisses

  10. I think this is one of the sweetest things! Steph is going to love this so much! I am so excited to hear all the details from her big day tomorrow - this is a great kick off!

  11. How sweet! What a wonderful, thoughtful idea!

  12. Just getting a little bit of time to actually go around and thank you personally for being a part of my virtual bridal shower: I cannot thank you enough for your on-going support, great words of advice, and everything you have done for me since we have 'met'... I am a lucky girl, not only to marry someone I love, but to have so many friends who care about it! THANK YOU!!!



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