a Beautiful Bloom

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heavenly photo by Duston Todd.

What are your plans this weekend, gorgeous girls? John and I have a routine-brunch, blogging for me and plenty of practice for him!


  1. Aweh, that is a simple cake topper!
    I have some homework, and I am driving home to visit, and I also have class!
    It should be fun, I think I am also going to kareoke tonight! :)

  2. What a beautiful image! Well, my plans for this weekend are some much needed organizing and spending time with family at a bbq. You have a very lovely blog.

  3. Need to get my new windows cleaned and some curtains up before some of my friends come over for wine and some laughs :)

    And tomorrow I will probably just take it slow and recover from the wine. Maybe a trip to the market if the weather is nice.

  4. Well,I'm going to have a very long weekend in a beautiful italian mountain place,with all my family!
    Thanks for sharing this dreamy bloom!

  5. blogging, walk in the park, reading, good times

  6. wouldn't it be great if there were some gentlemen who also read your blog?? you should address them as well. also, get john on playing on that lute! <3

  7. lovely photo! My husband and I had a "date day" yesterday and today I have my baby cousins 1st bday party :)



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