Monday, August 2, 2010

Some things just deserve champagne, even if it is a Monday night. In my case, I accepted a new job today, and I'm very excited about it! What's happening in your life that you're celebrating?

Divine photo via Tartlette.


  1. Congratulations! When do you begin? And what will you be doing? (I'm unabashedly curious!)

  2. congrats! I could really go for a cuppe de champagne right now :-)

  3. Congrats!! How exciting!! I hope you love it, definitely worthy of some Monday night champagne, and I think worthy of a weekend celebration as well.

  4. sorry i didn't have a chance to respond to your text, but CONGRATS, ms. joan halloway :)

  5. I'm a second assistant to a CEO of an SEO-internet speak! Tech companies seem to be recession-proof here in SF, and it's great to have an excuse for champagne!

    But really, who needs an excuse?



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