No 592: the Beau-Tie, Part II

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shauna and Stephen of Something's Hiding in Here (better known in Blogland as the couple who invented mustaches on a stick) have introduced us to their next venture-Forage bow ties! Spotted on Once Wed and arriving at San Francisco's own Curiosity Shoppe this summer, I can't wait to dress Mr Wonderful up in one of these colorful, creative ties!

Who says girls get all the best accessories?


  1. My husband has recently expressed a desire to wear bow ties. I thought he was crazy. Maybe I'm the crazy one! These are too cute!

  2. Tell him to go bow tie crazy! I saw the most fashionable man the other day in SF wearing a plaid bow tie, blue button down, seersucker shorts and dress shoes with colorful socks-he looked like he'd stepped out of a photoshoot for Esquire!

  3. Those are insanely cute, I wish I could see my husband wearing one. Adorable!

  4. By far the best packaging for a bow tie that I have ever seen!



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