No 589: a Little Refreshment

Friday, July 9, 2010

These beautiful pitchers photographed by the fabulous Kate Headley are the most refreshing looking antidotes to warm weather I've ever laid eyes on (and the perfect compliment to Ms Alba's patent leather belt). I'm dying to know what's in the strawberry-stuffed pitcher!


  1. I simply adore your posts, they are always beautiful and inviting. Gorgeous!

  2. It looks like the pitcher is filled with Pimm's, the quintessential British summer drink. Yummy :)
    btw, I love your blog!

  3. Ana, your blog is absolutely stunning. Thank you for the lovely compliment!

    Anon, you're right-I'm sure it's Pimm's! Three points to you!

  4. Oh yum! Fresh strawberries are always good. I've never heard of Pimm's... although I don't drink alcohol so maybe that's why.



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