No 585: the Groom's Gift

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I was delighted when, after sharing my obsession with a European import candy I'm forced to buy in bulk, I won this beautiful Lotuff & Clegg dopp kit on Southern Wedding Magazine! I never thought an addiction to Haribo gummies would serve me so well! Of course, Mr Wonderful pounced on the bag long before it was even in the mail, and he's excited to take it with us to Spain
(t-minus 7 days!).

The dopp kit is just one of Lotuff & Clegg's gorgeous leather offerings; I strongly encourage you to browse the online store for some jaw-dropping bags. Handmade in Massachusetts, the bags are definitely designed with a gentleman in mind, but who doesn't love borrowing from the boys? The signature carry-all is calling my name, and I feel powerless to resist!


  1. I love that you buy Haribo gummies in bulk. We almost did that not long ago as we are both obSESSED with them. That is an nice grooms gift indeed. I"m not sure what to do for mine. He needs his old acoustic guitar fixed and I've thought about taking care of that for him but at the same time I know he wants to fix it up nice so I should let him do it. I think. I don't know. :)

  2. From the Lotuff & Clegg team, we are so happy you are enjoying the bag! Have fun on your trip!

  3. My husband would love this! He likes a refined lifestyle.

  4. Forget the men, I could totally use this when I travel! Love it's sophisticated look:)

  5. Gorgeous, and much much more stylish than my husband's current travel kit. He may need to receive this as a gift soon!

  6. die schlümpfe haribo gummies win again!

  7. I really love die Schlümpfe, but I just learned they're illegal in the states! Something in the dye isn't FDA-approved, like all the best French sunscreen and unpasteurized cheese. Silly FDA!

    Mo, I think gummies are a wonderful, fun groom's gift. I say leave the guitar-fixin' up to him. I would never, ever mess with Mr Wonderful's guitar!

    Branflake, your hubbie has great taste, but I'm with Inspired Shares! Women's stuff can be so flimsy, and men's goodies are such to last.

    Hip, hip, I think it's the perfect gift. A perfect introduction to the brand, and then he can fall for all those divine bags like I have! I'm not-so-secretly hoping I can score more Lotuff & Clegg swag!

    And a big thank you to Lotuff & Clegg, for the eye candy and gift inspiration!



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