No 578: a Glamorous Suit

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've been drafting packing lists for our impending trip to Spain since we booked the tickets months ago. We'll be participating in near daily masterclasses, so I have to pack cocktail dresses and gowns and heels. It will be well over 100°, so I have to pack shorts and sundresses. And there will be a beautiful pool, so I have to pack suits and sunscreen and straw hats.

I've decided on the bikinis I want to bring, but I have such a crush on this Eres suit that I feel like the lists are incomplete without it! Part of the Féria collection, the Felice suit was inspired by Spanish bullfighters and has the most charming little tassled belt! The Tocca sunscreen towels, featuring 30+ SPF and scented with Italian blood orange, will protect your complexion while you flaunt your gorgeous new Eres suit!


  1. So cute! I love the suit as well. But maybe you should hunt it out while you're there? Except I guess it might be gone by the time that rolls around. I don't know, I'm an advocate. I think you need it.

  2. Because really, who doesn't need a $600 swimsuit? The Eres suits are truly works of art, though. The fabric, the fit...I'm in love!

  3. So much cuter than a bikini! Do it! You will totally stand out from the others.

  4. I agree, much better than a bikini! - We had Fashion week Brazil last week and I saw the most incredible swimsuit designs, I also feel like a need a flattering not so revealing suit.



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