No 576: Oh me, Oh my!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's supposed to get as high as 85° today in typically cool San Francisco, and just this morning, we had a small earthquake (Mr Wonderful's second since he moved)! It's been quite a day already, and Miss Dior seems to know exactly how I feel! I'm off to my closet to dig up something appropriate for such lovely weather, but will be back later with a little afternoon refreshment!


  1. It is shaping up to be quite a day over here as well, the weather people have called for "oppressive heat" followed this evening by "damaging winds" and stormy weather. I am not at all amused and would frankly like to fast forward to tomorrow.

  2. Oooh, enjoy! I'm excited for you. It's 90 here and I really love it! Not cool about that earthquake though!

  3. The earthquake didn't even wake John, so it wasn't so bad, and we avoided "oppressive" heat by any definition. I'm a little worried about getting back into the heat-Spain is supposed to get as hot as 105!

  4. 85 degrees would be a break from the heat here in Virginia. I would love that actually.

    P.S can I get that hat that chick is wearing I think it would look great on me :)



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