No 556: Spain on the Brain

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With our trip to Spain exactly one month away, I'm so excited I could burst! I confess, I've already packed our bags in a "trial run" more than once. It's a little embarrassing, but I've always been a planner!

Apparently, Martha is crazy for Granada, too! This beautiful stationery suite was inspired by Granada's most fabulous architectural gem, the Alhambra, and was featured in a story about personalizing your wedding invitations. I adore the sky blue ink and the heavenly Moorish pattern!


  1. Gorgeous invites! And don't be embarrassed about your packing trial run, I totally do that too =)

  2. SPAIN!! WOOO! I'm happy for you, and jealous. Although yesterday I bought tickets to Italy for our honeymoon! We have a layover in Madrid, but that's nothing. Enjoy your trip and please do let me know how wonderful it is!

  3. Spain sounds so wonderful! And Martha does everything so perfectly. Granada is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  4. Hip, hip, I'm guessing you also loved school supply shopping! I'm glad to know someone else does it, too!

    Mo Pie, where are you headed in Italy? I'm jealous-it was one of my all-time favorite trips!

    Dancing Branflake, I've never been. Can you fill me in on your favorite places in Granada? I'd love a little insider info!



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