No 542: the Calling Card

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When two musicians look for an arts and crafts project, what do they chose?

Calling cards, of course!

Calling cards, created before business cards, usually feature a name across the front and pertinent contact information on the back. My calling card is emblazoned with the same font I use for all my papers: resume, aria offerings and my website, while Mr Wonderful's card uses a fabulous typewriter font I found recently. But our cards aren't nearly as delicious as these fabulous letterpress examples from Dingbat Press!


  1. I am all about the calling card! I can't stand this recent trend of meeting someone and being told "facebook me" as a way of exchanging contact info. Ugh, no. These are beautiful!!

  2. "Facebook" should be the new f-word as far as I'm concerned! Sure, it's not a bad thing, but there are so many better ways to stay in touch with the people you adore.

  3. I'm reading through your have SUCH an eye...and see that you found these lovies on Etsy too! I love strolling through the "letterpress" section page by page, something tells me you may too...

    Hope you have a lovely 4th Lena!

    xx Katie



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