No 537: the Nosegay

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After watching The Age of Innocence tonight, I was reminded of my love for Daniel Day-Lewis and lily of the valley. Newland Archer sends his fiancee, May Welland a bouquet of them each day during their courtship, as they are sometimes called the flower of May. Even though it's June (can you believe it?), I think the flower of May is absolutely perfect.

Photo c/o Paperwhite Photography.


  1. I love Lilly of the Valley so much!! I wanted them desperately alongside the Peonies in my bridal bouquet but at the last minute my florist couldn't find any. I am still a little disappointed about it, but the good news is my husband always buys them for me when they pop up in stores in the spring! I think they are just the most delicate, romantic little flowers.

  2. They are certainly some of my favorites. Don't they just evoke Ruritania?



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