No 507: Wedding Bells are Ringing

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is there anything better on Saturday afternoon than the far-off ringing of church bells? If you didn't grow up in the Norman Rockwell-ian town of Cranbury, NJ, perhaps this wasn't something you heard regularly, but I remember even from an early age imagining that the bells were ringing in celebration of a wedding.

Cheree Berry's charming invitation suite, cleverly named, "You Ring My Bell" was designed for Martha Stewart Weddings and is sure to make any guest smile. What I love most about Cheree Berry's papers (besides their sheer loveliness) is the incredible attention to detail; the banner across the pair of bells spells out the wedding date, and the edge of the outer envelope reads, "Wedding Bells are Ringing." If that isn't the perfect way to invite friends and family to your joyful celebration, I don't know what is!


  1. Church bells were ringing when I got out of the car to turn in my job application on felt like a really good omen :)

  2. Elizabeth, that is definitely a good omen! When will you hear about the job?

  3. You ring my bell--hah! I love it. So chic and VERY charming.

    XX katie

  4. Love those invites! And of course love church bells ringing, especially for weddings! There are a few churches whose bells we can hear in the summer time when all the windows are open. I was so disappointed when the church we were married in told us they wouldn't be ringing the bells at the end of our ceremony. I tried to talk them into it but they said they never ring their bells, how sad is that?

  5. There isn't enough dancing, singing celebrating or certainly bell ringing.
    Maybe we have to start carrying our own bells!



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