No 400: Real Wedding: Rachel and Terry

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I must have no sense of self-awareness, because when I showed this gorgeous wedding to Mr Wonderful, the strangest look came over his face. And then he said, "That girl's you!" I must admit, bangs and fair skin aside, that this girl is my very own bridal doppelganger! I would be shocked if we weren't distantly related; read on and see what I mean.

Rachel dreamed of a classic wedding, inspired by her grandmother's and the traditions of the 1950's. An Audrey Hepburn devotee, the bride said she wanted to incorporate "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in a less obvious way than the use of that memorable shade of blue. Rachel wore Tiffany's pearls, and found her lovely dress in the same tiny bridal shop where her mother purchased her own gown 30 years before. The bride rocked not one but two pairs of seriously divine shoes-Louboutin "Nookas" in Pearl for the ceremony and red "Keedans" by Kate Spade. They were married in Romance, West Virginia (how appropriate), and exchanged one of a kind rings; Terry, the groom, broke his knuckle growing up and isn't able to slip a ring on his finger, so Tiffany & Co (naturally) created a custom ring with a pinhole which releases a hinge! Seriously? That's pretty damn fantastic.

They outfitted the bridal party in J.Crew and held the reception at the Clay Center, where those fabulous shots of the Steinway were taken. While seeing a piano in such a state made me cringe, they're such gorgeous photographs that it eased my pain. The gorgeous cake, created by Fran's Cake Design, was made to match the bride's adorable bow-topped headband and set atop a blue depression glass cake stand. And capturing each stylish, classic moment were Justin and Mary Marantz. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. ah its been so long since ive read your blog! yay it makes me happy. a few things: one, youre prettier than her ;) . two, im totally stealing the peacock feather in the lappel idea. three, her dress is totally a throw back to funny face.



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