No 314: the Leftovers

Friday, November 27, 2009

Three pies, two pounds of potatoes, one pound of green beans, a pile of Parker House rolls and one eleven and a half pound turkey behind me; Leftovers all proof that I successfully pulled off my first solo Thanksgiving (but did you really have doubts?). A few "thanks" in particular:

Thank you, Mama, for teaching me how to cook and to never be afraid to roast something (what is it but putting a bird in a hot oven and virtually ignoring it?).

Thank you, Charlie, for demanding more potatoes every year. John has already eaten the little leftover smashers there were.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me how to drink good wine. We couldn't finish it all, but we certainly had some.

Thank you, Becky and Aaron, for opening your home and letting me take control of your kitchen. Rebecky, you'll teach me to delegate if it kills me.

And thank you, John. For everything.

To cold pumpkin pie for breakfast for the next week!


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