No 296: Real Wedding: Erin and Brent

Monday, November 9, 2009

Erin and Brent might win the "most creative couple" award in this series of Dora weddings. Although it's not obvious from the photographs, the gorgeous palms and grassy expanses were thanks to the Santa Barbara Zoo! Lindsay and April, the talented shutterbugs and best friends behind Sweet Monday, absolutely adored the bride's gown, which made me love these photographs all the more. The elegant calla lily bouquet was a perfect compliment to the setting, and the red bridesmaids' dresses and nosegays were a phenomenal color contrast to all the lush greenery.

Note: Faithful followers of the blog have likely noticed the daily changes I've been making to my letterhead. After some supremely helpful input from John (who suggested that the pale blue scheme I've been using was more baby shower than stylish affair), I've updated the layout to reflect the not-quite-black-tie evening we're imagining.


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