No 292: the Proposition

Friday, November 6, 2009

In addition to rarely posting about myself, I try to refrain from sharing my political views on the blog. When an issue like this one, however, comes to the forefront of our national news, I feel compelled to let my opinion be heard, whether it's Prop 8 or 1.

Weddings are beautiful, and marriage is a deeply felt emotional and financial commitment to another person. That's it. While it is unfathomable to me that gays in this country are not afforded the same civil rights (because marriage must be civil partnership in order to be legally recognized) as heterosexuals, what else can you expect from a nation which didn't outright condemn a Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to marry an interracial couple? While I celebrate the beauty of weddings, I wish that everyone was able to enjoy the same freedoms to express their love for another person. For a nation founded on the principals of religious and social freedoms, we have certainly maintained a puritanical attitude towards change.

Photograph by Davina + Daniel.


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