No 277: Real Wedding: Celia and Reagan

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thank you for Texas sometimes. Celia and Reagan were married on her parents' ranch in Dallas-Forth Wort, and thanks to Celia's med school exams at UT Houston, much of the wedding was a surprise to her. She counted on her mother and wedding planners to put together this truly glorious wedding, which is by turns incredibly chic and wonderfully rustic. Celia's Oscar de la Renta gown is stunning (remember it from Spring 2008 and the Sex and the City movie?) but she said her favorite element was the crystal chandeliers, which twinkled and sang throughout the evening. I love the blend of high-low in this wedding-a couture gown and a cowboy boot, luscious white flowers and a bridal suite covered in antlers, a breathtaking estate and grilled cheeses-further proof that if you infuse your wedding with you, there's nothing you can't pull off. The Events Company was ultimately responsible for the whole shindig, from building the tent, arranging the flowers and providing the catering-there's apparently nothing they can't do. Gorgeous photographs by Brooke Schwab.


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