No 248: the Tocca Candle

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A lovely gift from John arrived today-Tocca's Agadir candle, which is scented with the smell of sweet tobacco pipes popular in Morocco. I haven't even light the candle yet, but the delicious perfume is so strong I can't fall asleep!

Which is something to consider if you plan to use candles at your reception. If you chose to use scented candles, be sure to stick with the same scent all around or in large, distinct areas. If you're serving food, it's best not to use a scented candle at all (as we all learned thanks to Top Chef). You wouldn't want the beautiful scent of your favorite Diptyque candle interfering with the carefully planned meal, and you certainly don't want to shell out a whole bunch on candles that will just end up being a pain in the ass.

Scented candles are probably best saved for the honeymoon, and in this case, I highly recommend them. If you have a scent you regularly burn at home, taking this candle with you as you travel can make any hotel room feel more like your love nest, and isn't that the best part of the honeymoon?


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