No 244: I Dream of Cake

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes I scour the internet, looking for beautiful weddings or lovely images which inspire my posts. And sometimes, weddings just seem to smack me in the face, which is the case with the magical I Dream of Cake shop in San Francisco. Less than a block from where I work is this couture bakery run by Shinmin Li, who is obviously an artist of frosting and fondant, and to stand in front of their window is to believe in the importance of cake. Can you believe that Beethoven?! Many of her designs are inspired by her Japanese heritage, but the woman can do anything. I encourage a perusal of their website-it's jaw-dropping.

Update: John and I stopped by to peruse their windows when he came to join me for lunch, and holy mother of sweet baby Jesus! There was a clean white fondant three-tier looped with gold branches. There was a hand-painted cake decorated with roses and swallows. There was a beautiful four-tier white confection covered in ruffles. There was a Napoleon, for Heaven's sake!



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