No 227: the Champagne Cocktail

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

John and I were just discussing beverage options on the trip home this morning, and we became so engrossed in the conversation that we nearly missed our stop! But the intensity which this rather casual subject acquired made me pause, and this week's posts will be inspired by this chat.

John and I have agreed to limit the amount of hard alcohol; I would be mortified if an apple martini made its way into my photographs, and there will be no ice luge with our initials carved in script. But we certainly want to serve champagne and all the delicious liquors that can be mixed which that magical, sparkling liquid. The one above features Aperol, an Italian blood orange liquor we discovered after my passion for Campari became unbearable for most others.

Throughout the week, I'll be featuring other libations you should expect to see at our big day, and additional options we might not choose to serve. If they drive you to the booze shop, it's not my fault.


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