No 196: a Pile of Cakes!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ooooh! So many cakes! I imagine this is what my first cake tasting will be like, and I will fast for many days to properly prepare. Or perhaps the correct approach is to eat well, so less scrumptious cakes will not be so tempting.

I was thinking about delectable cakes after a recent discussion about these nuptial confections, which are often less than satisfying. Some wedding cakes are dreamy and mouthwatering, to be sure, but others are dry, or worse. Of course, always do a tasting with your baker, and try to choose one who is local. Obviously working with a cake craftsman will ensure a tastier cake. I have my heart set on red velvet-now to find a Jersey baker who can do the Southern specialty justice.

Divine photo c/o Kate Spade dinnerware.


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