No 189: Me!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

John is a cookies and milk kind of guy. Never having been exposed to such delights before I meet John, I am now a cookies and milk kind of girl. Honest, we will crawl out of a warm bed in the middle of January for cookies at midnight if the craving strikes hard enough. So to honor that, I want to send guests off with our favorite way to end an evening. For now, John's favorite cookies are Pepperidge Farm's Tahiti cookies, a coconut with chocolate that are to die for, but I'd love to do several different kinds. And as far as milk is concerned, we're sure to have a serious debate. John will lobby for whole, while I defend the health benefits of skim, and we'll probably serve 2%, because it's the best to dunk cookies in. Photo c/o Martha Stewart Weddings.


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