No 177: the Other "One"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In weddings, there are two "ones"-your fiance (hopefully) and the dress. And while it's possible that in a few months or years my affection for this dress will have waned, it doesn't seem likely. As most of you know, I know what I like and I stick to it. In this case, that's Melissa Sweet's Swiss-dot confection, "Dora". That's why, and I'm a mite embarrassed to admit it, I'm seriously considering purchasing it on one of the many wonderful pre-owned wedding gown websites (OnceWed, and Encore Bridal). These websites are phenomenal if you've tried gowns on in a bridal salon, know what you want and decide that a $6,000 price tag for a dress you can really only wear once (I know a lot of you are musicians, so the gowns are a legitmate expenditure for us) is too steep. Besides, I'm terrified that the gown won't be made part of the permanent collection!


  1. Isn't this gown (and the PoB ones) from the Spring 2009 collections? I think MS and PoB have already done their Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 runway shows.

  2. do it... do it... do it... do it!!

  3. To respond to "Anonymous": The gowns in post No 175 were refered to as "new" because they were new to my blog and likely, to my readership, which does not follow the collections as closely as the gowns that mirror their personal styles. The gowns were actually from both Spring and Fall 2009; I have not posted Priscilla of Boston or Melissa Sweet's Spring 2010 collections because I was disappointed with them.

    The "Dora" is, as you correctly noted, from Melissa Sweet's Spring 2009 collection. I would hope that a wedding gown would be timeless, transcendant of collections. Do you really want someone to look at your bridal portrait and say, "Carolina Herrera, Spring 1997" or "Oscar, Fall 2008"? I hope that when I look at my wedding photographs 15 years from now, all I see is the joy I felt on that day, and a gown which is as classic as my personal style. And what could be more timeless than Swiss dot?



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