No 146: the Most Divine Etsy Creations Ever

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rohm, an Etsy seller, is a truly gifted craftsman based out of Chicago. Her bridal pieces are one of a kind and made-to-order, and as you can see, they're incredibly beautiful. Simple silhouettes, high quality fabrics-those are the things that give a garment real value, and what's even more amazing is the price of these custom made corsets. The Classic Bridal Corset, seen above is only $375! While there aren't many skirt options listed on the website right now, more are on their way. Below, the elbow-length Mantilla, Lace Bridal Shrug, Wedding Night Corset and the Scalloped Bridal Shrug. I've been drooling over these photos for nearly a week now, and I'm so glad I finally get to share them. I admit, I was holding out on you.


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