No 130: the Undead Cakes

Saturday, May 23, 2009

And finally, the pièce de résistance: the Undead Wedding Cake. Now I understand there's a whole, "Until death do us part" business, but I'm quite sure that's not the part of the vows one should emphasize on their big day.Ah yes, your pebbly cremated ashes along side your autopsied bodies. It looks like they died in some sort of horrible body contortion class; why are their feet like that?Nothing says, "I love you" like elaboratly carved coffins. Ew, ew, a hundred times ew. "Until death do us part", by why undead?This one is, in my opinion, the strangest. It's a perfectly average cake with little frosting hearts and rose petals. But it's bleeding. And not artisically fallen ganache bleeding; This looks like red food coloring and water, and it's peeing all over the cake table. Why, cake gods (aka bakers)? But thank you, Cake Wrecks, for introducing us to such strange creations.


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