No 124: Real Wedding: Laurel and Todd

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today, an October wedding in Arrington, Virginia at the Oak Ridge Estate. Laurel's gorgeous dress was actually a customized hybrid of two dresses she liked equally, and this crafty bride designed the paper goods and cross-stitched nearly everything. Meg Runion of Rob Garland Photography captured all these beautiful images.

I love the warm, home-made feel of this wedding. It just feels so honest. The chocolate cake with raspberry filling, piled high with berries, the burgers and fries, the mint chocolate chip ice cream cones. It doesn't look like an "event", and even though I love a gloriously styled affair, I find this wedding so refreshing. You want to go to this wedding, but more than that, you'd hope to be lucky enough to be friends with these smart, loving people.


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