No 111: the Registry

Monday, May 4, 2009

While it may be a little uncouth to discuss wedding registries in these dismal economic times, the Union Square Williams Sonoma has forced me to reconsider. I strolled in yesterday and literally stopped, open-mouthed, in the middle of the foyer.It is four glorious stories of blissful, magical, heavenly foodie goodness. Yes, I said four. How, you ask, can there be four floors of copper cookware, silicone spatulas and upscale pantry goods? How could there not be? This Williams Sonoma was so amazing it's made me completely unable to control my use of italics!

Just imagine everything you've ever seen on the website for sale, and then imagine it shining and smiling at you in person. There is actually a lounge for future brides and grooms to relax while they register for everything imaginable. Yes, this is truly heaven.


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