No 81: the Conservatory of Flowers

Friday, March 27, 2009

In celebration of our one day of Spring Break, Becky and I are going to take advantage of this beautiful day and spend some time at the Conservatory of Flowers. Not only is it a lovely place to wile away the hours, it would make a gorgeous wedding venue. Built in 1878, it is the oldest surviving conservatory in the Western hemisphere (wonder if it would bring long-lasting luck to your marriage, too?) and recently underwent a $25 million restoration. While renting the space is a little pricey, if you can swing it, I bet it would be a truly phenomenal location.


  1. as long as we're talking about wedding locations in san francisco, I'd like to say that my sister and I as kids always said that we wanted to get married at Grace Cathedral and have the reception at the Rotunda in Neman's :)



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