No 75: the Meal

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have been a terribly negligent blogger, but I have a visitor who requires my undivided and constant attention. Yes, my sweetheart has come to visit, and nothing could be more wonderful. There have been many early nights (John's firmly mired in East Coast time) and wonderful meals. I've recalled the joy of late afternoon naps and kissing in the hallways at school. And the best part? We're planning a wonderful romantic supper for Friday night.
John wants fish. He claims that since we're blocks from the ocean, it's only appropriate to eat something from the sea (although he rarely made that argument when we were walking past the Harbor in Baltimore). I, on the other hand, am always happy to indulge in meat. Red, white-it doesn't matter to me, as long as it's land-loving. This is partly because I don't love fish as I do meat, and partly because I'm at a loss as to how to cook it.

We're at an impasse on our Friday night dinner, but we don't need to choose for our wedding. The first thing John and I discussed (well before we admitted how strongly we considered each other candidates for this day) about weddings was music, followed by food. The rather detailed sketch of our menu was finished more than a year ago.

We'd like to serve plum glazed duck breast with whipped potatoes and haricot verts, to fulfill my love of all things land-bound. I am such a fanatic that the summer we spent in France, I think I ate duck nearly every day.

And for John, grilled sea bass with a sweet potato mousilline and a white truffle miso reduction.

Of course, this menu is not set in stone, but it sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Maybe we'll have duck tomorrow night...


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