No 69: the Footwear

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flip flops: an ingenious item of beach wear, designed to keep feet cool and cute toenails exposed. Also, likely to quickly dry them, etc. when at the beach.

However, are flip flops also: an ingenious new piece of semi formal wear? Ideal dancing shoes? The badge of the preppy wedding?

Good God, I hope not. Don't misunderstand me-I love flip flops. Who of us doesn't own 2 or 3 pairs of the classic J.Crew version by now, or had those hideous platform monstrosities in middle school? What I'm saying is that they ain't dancin' shoes.

I cannot imagine moving more gracefully (or seductively, or really anything else) in a pair of flip flops. I can, however, imagine waddling slightly better than in your heels. If they're really killing you, wear lower ones.

Plus, the idea of people clumped around in corners removing their shoes really grosses me out.

Photo c/o theKnot.


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