No 23: Real Wedding: Eryn and Jared

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love all the rustic, romantic details of this backyard wedding (c/o OnceWed). The printed silverware sleeves, the groom's cake, the faux bois and the warm use of brown with those fantastic chandeliers and candelabras-it's like Laura Ingalls Wilder, all grown up and incredibly stylish.


  1. Ok, my love. So I went to your facebook page to find your e-mail address (I have THE most hilarious e-mail correspondence that I want to forward to you because I know only you can appreciate it) and I stumbled upon this fruition of your adorable, if not rather unhealthy, wedding obsession. I can't lie, I read the whole thing and at least momentarily seem to have caught the wedding bug myself. Damn you! By the way... please don't laugh at my blogspot page. It's for stupid "web design for musicians"....



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