No 3: Meet the "Little Rascal"

Monday, January 19, 2009

A bit about me: My name is Lena, but my nearest and dearest call me "Laine". I'm a Masters student at a West Coast conservatory studying voice with a fellow coloratura soprano. I live for my day planner and matching Kelly green pencil case, and I've been reading Vogue since I could drag my face across the carpet. Really. There are pictures, and I always seem to have my diaper around my ankles. I'm clumsy like you wouldn't believe, and I always carry band-aids.

My boyfriend, John is a guitarist, composer and aspiring conductor who happens to be my favorite collaborator and closest friend. He's finishing his undergraduate degree on the East Coast, so for now we're living apart, but we spent the last year cohabitating in the most gorgeous one-bedroom, two fireplace flat which I miss more than I can say. We'll wait out the next semester and then John will join me, hopefully to attend the same school for his Masters after I've finished mine. He's got big plans for the proposal, but he won't spill except to say that he needs at least a year or two and that I have to keep singing.

Luckily, he adores my wedding bug and has caught it himself. I've found him making changes to the menu and his favorite gown is at the top of my "to try on" list (Paloma Blanca Style 3854).

In addition to singing and weddings, I love trashy TV (but don't you dare tell anyone), champagne, stationery, the New York Times and the color white. And John. John most of all.


  1. I love the Paloma Blanca 3854 - it's going to be my wedding dress! Your fiancee has great taste ;)



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